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Rocky Mountain National Park offers a lifetimes’ worth of breath-taking hikes. From easily accessible waterfalls and open fields of newly blossoming followers, to the alpine tundra of the stunning Ypsilon mountain and crystal-clear waters of Chasm lake, and obviously, the most sought-after feature of the park…Longs’ Peak, there are lots of options for everyone of every age and ability level! There are far too many hikes in “The Park” to list here without inspiring our readers to death so, here are a few of our favorites for varying lengths.

Short Hikes (4 hours)

Emerald Lake
In this 3.5-mile round trip hike, you will pass 4 pristine lakes, areas with abundance of wild-flowers in the summertime, spectacular views of Longs’ Peak and finally an impressible glacial lake at the Foot of Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain. Truly one of the most magnificent areas of all Rocky Mountain National Park!

Mills Lake
Mills lake passes a large waterfall early into the 5-mile hike, emerges from the forest to view many of the major peaks surrounding Longs’ Peak in all their majesty before casually wandering through another wooded section that finally opens at the mouth of Mills Lake. This lake, one of the largest in The Park, is simply breath-taking. Calm, yet powerful, this lake will give you an idea of the forces it took to carve this magnificent glacial cirque.

1-5 People:  $135/person
6-10 People:  $115/person
11+ People:  $95/person
Extra Large Groups: Price varies, Please give us a call.

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Medium Hikes (6 hours)

Emerald and Haiyaha Lakes
In addition to Emerald Lake, Haiyaha, which is a Native American word for “lake of many rocks,” is a short addition that ends at a lake, appropriately named, with many boulders along the shoreline, as if nature placed them for your seated viewing pleasure. If timed correctly, you will potentially see wild raspberries during your stay in the area!

Chasm Lake
Starting from the Longs’ Peak trailhead, we ascend through a thick forest that eventually emerges from the trees to reveal the summit of your destination. Chasm lake resides at the base of Longs’ Peak itself but is not nearly as far. Pass through a narrow canyon and be swallowed by high alpine summits at one of The Parks highest lakes. From here, depending on the season, you can even see people climbing the notorious “The Diamond,” the face of Longs’ Peak!

1-5 People:  $185/person
6-10 People:  $165/person
11+ People:  $125/person
Extra Large Groups: Price varies, Please give us a call.

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Long Hikes (8 hours)

Ypsilon Mountain
Your journey starts before even leaving the car! The drive up Old Fall River Road is beautiful on its own. Steep mountain sides, rolling water falls, incredible road development (Anyone?) all add to this adventure. The beginning of this hike is almost at treeline, which you quickly emerge from. Gaining Ypsilon mountains 13’520’ peak involves summitting 2 other 13ers as well. First, Chapin and secondly Chaquita, both have stunning views into the front range and Estes Park valley seemingly forever. Ypsilon is simply the icing on the cake, the highest summit and most panoramic view.

Sky Pond
After hiking a mostly casual 9-mile round trip hike filled with vegetation and multiple lakes in passing all the while encapsulated by mountains, you reach the guardian of the Sky Pond. Less than a half-mile long, a respectable rocky scramble is between us and our goal. Careful navigating and tedious footwork will ease the guardians’ presence and we emerge victorious! A large glacially formed lake at the base of large granite spires, often sought after by experienced climbers make this destination, simply, spectacular.

1-5 People:  $280/person
6-10 People:  $239/person
11+ People:  $189/person
Extra Large Groups: Price varies, Please give us a call.

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– Headlamp/Flashlight (Not required on most trips)
– Sunscreen/Lip Balm (Especially at high altitude sun exposure)
– Sunglasses
– Brimmed Hat and/or Warm Hat
– Gloves
– Hiking boots
– Camera
– Hiking poles (optional)
– Fleece Jacket
– Rain Jacket or Poncho
– A small day pack to carry these items
– Water (Stay hydrated, better to much than to little!)

Please feel free to ask any questions! We recommend wearing comfortable, loose fitting, synthetic clothing. NO COTTON! Mountain weather is unpredictable, so be prepared for rain, sun, and cold weather. Do not hike in a brand-new pair of boots, be sure to break them in first by wearing them around town for at least a full day.

Food is important for both half and full day trips. A light snack for half days and a nutritious lunch for full days. Water is the most important item of all. On trips longer than 4 hours long, we will supply lunch, so please reach out to us if you have any dietary restrictions!

Rock climbing in the rain isn’t much fun, we know this. If we get rained out halfway through we will charge for only half of the day. Thunderstorms will shut us down immediately as well, no getting struck by lightning under our watch!
A hike will not necessarily be cancelled for rain (Afternoon thundershowers commonly pass quickly), but we will not go above treeline if storms are in the area. Any hikes going above treeline may have to turn back due to weather. If the weather looks so bad that we decide that we should cancel the trip you are entitled to a full refund.

If you cancel a trip for any reason up to 24 hours before your trip, you are entitled to a full refund. We cannot refund within 24 hours or for no shows the day of the trip. If weather is bad and we have to cancel, you will receive a full refund. We will pro-rate an outing for the time you were not able to hike.

Our guides are professional, out-going and experienced. All our guides are CPR and First Aid certified. Guides are compensated for their time but happily accept gratuities for exceptional service.

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