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Our two main trips are the Little Swiss Alps and the 4 Hour Rock Climb, which you can book online with the links below. We also offer 6 and 8 hour trips and those are recommended for larger groups. Please give us a call to learn more and book a 6 or 8 hour trip for your large group. Be sure to check out our photo gallery at the bottom of the page!


This is the Ultimate Outdoor Rock Climbing Experience in Estes Park. Created for those who want a private climbing day, in a wilderness setting away from the crowds! We have put together a wonderful adventure we like to call the “Little Swiss Alps”. We start taking a short ride with stunning views of the Estes Park Valley on the historic Estes Park Aerial Tramway, that ascends 1,100 vertical feet towards the top of Prospect Mountain. A short hike gets you to a secluded climbing wall with a fantastic view into the Rocky Mountain National Park. We have been improving these cliffs during the off-season, putting in new routes and free hanging rappels to make this trip even more fun! This area is large and varied enough, with routes ranging from 5.5 – 5.12, to accommodate all ages and skill sets. Available Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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Little Swiss Alps Trips Include
Trained/certified guide, Climbing gear, Ropes, Harness, Helmet, Rock shoes, Snacks & Lunch with an epic view!

1 Person: $375.00
2 People: $250.00/person
3 People: $200.00/person
4 People: $175.00/person
5 People: $160.00/person
6 People: $150.00/person
7-12 People: $130.00/person

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4 Hour Rock Climb

Whether you’re a seasoned climber, new to the activity, or looking for a wholesome outdoor activity to tire the kiddos out, you’re in for a great experience. Estes Park is recognized throughout the climbing community for its abundance of fine rock climbing locations. Our guides specialize in making you a better climber by focusing the time we spend with you on your specific needs and interests. All of our guided trips are private, and therefore, open to customizing.

Our private climbing sessions are tailored to your needs and can be done at 1 of 2 locations, Performance Park or Mary’s Lake. Both locations are open to the public and other guide services. During peak season these crags can get crowded. For a more private and secluded climbing experience check out our Little Swiss Alps trip. Guaranteed to have no crowds!

Examples of plans for climbers of different abilities:

Beginners/Intermediate Climbing

A basic introduction to rock climbing. Customizable session capable of kid friendly environments, group lessons, or a single person experience. Here you will begin the day by getting on rock and experiencing the sport! We can continue by helping familiarize you with the basic skills and climbing technique. Tying-in, learning how to belay properly, communication skills and, even if you don’t understand all of these words, this is the perfect spot you!

Intermediate/Advanced Climbing

For our intermediate climbers and beyond, this is where things start to get really exciting! If you have goals learning to lead climb, wanting to transition from indoor climbing to the great outdoors, how to build safe anchors or perhaps an introduction to multi-pitch climbing and rappelling, we would love to be part of you achieving your goals! Our guides have climbed all across the country and in South America with years of guiding and teaching experience!

All Rock Climbing Trips Include
Trained and/or certified guide, Climbing gear, Ropes, Harness, Helmet, Rock shoes.

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Estes Park Rock Climbing Photo Gallery


– Sunscreen/Lip Balm (Especially at high altitude sun exposure)
– Sunglasses
– Brimmed Hat and/or Warm Hat
– Hiking boots
– Camera
– Hiking poles (optional)
– Fleece Jacket
– Rain Jacket or Poncho
– A small day pack to carry these items
– Water (Stay hydrated, better to much than to little!)

Please feel free to ask any questions! We recommend wearing comfortable, l–>oose fitting, synthetic clothing. NO COTTON! Mountain weather is unpredictable, so be prepared for rain, sun, and cold weather. Do not hike in a brand-new pair of boots, be sure to break them in first by wearing them around town for at least a full day.

Food is important for both half and full day trips. A light snack for half days and a nutritious lunch for full days. Water is the most important item of all. On trips longer than 4 hours long, we will supply lunch, so please reach out to us if you have any dietary restrictions!

Rock climbing in the rain isn’t much fun, we know this. If we get rained out halfway through we will charge for only half of the day. Thunderstorms will shut us down immediately as well, no getting struck by lightning under our watch!
A hike will not necessarily be cancelled for rain (Afternoon thundershowers commonly pass quickly), but we will not go above treeline if storms are in the area. Any hikes going above treeline may have to turn back due to weather. If the weather looks so bad that we decide that we should cancel the trip you are entitled to a full refund.

If you cancel a trip for any reason up to 24 hours before your trip, you are entitled to a full refund. We cannot refund within 24 hours or for no shows the day of the trip. If weather is bad and we have to cancel, you will receive a full refund. We will pro-rate an outing for the time you were not able to hike.

Our guides are professional, out-going and experienced. All our guides are CPR and First Aid certified. Guides are compensated for their time but happily accept gratuities for exceptional service.

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