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  • Emily Zimmerman Avatar
    Emily Zimmerman
    10/02/2019 - Google

    Matt was a great rock climbing instructor! He had so much patience and always had a calm demeanor. He was very encouraging and easygoing. His rock climbing expertise made me and my friend (Lola) feel safe. Matt accommodates for all kinds of skill levels (beginner-advanced). I would highly recommend this outdoor activity for anyone looking for a new challenge in the Estes Park area.

    Kaela Mazzola Avatar
    Kaela Mazzola
    8/25/2019 - Google

    Our rock climbing experience with Estes Park Rock Climbing was amazing! Our guide Seth called us ahead of time to discuss our rock climbing experience and what we wanted to get out of our trip. We are complete beginners and the climb we did was absolutely perfect! He made it fun and made us feel comfortable and safe the whole time. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for rock climbing in Estes Park! We will definitely be coming back.

    Kathy W. Avatar
    Kathy W.
    5 star rating
    7/22/2019 - Yelp

    Booked this excursion for our family of 6, ages 21 to 58. Most of us were very beginners. Seth is an excellent instructor. He took time to explain all equipment and made sure that it fit to our satisfaction before we left the office. He explained our options for rock climbing that day and we chose to go to a more secluded place, Mary's Lake!  It was a beautiful area to rock climb. Seth demonstrated all safety instruction until we all were knowledgeable. He set up 4 different climbing areas right away, so that we could progress to more difficult climbs, as able. My adult children were fast learners and he gave them confidence to progress. I got stuck on the first level, but Seth gave me encouragement and confidence to push myself and I did it and went on to more difficult levels! Everyone in our group talked about how much fun we had, as a family, learning a new skill and being together in a beautiful place! I highly recommend Estes Park Rock Climbing. We felt that our safety AND fun was their priority! Thank you, Seth, for memories that will be in our family forever!

  • Carol V. Avatar
    Carol V.
    5 star rating
    6/26/2019 - Yelp

    Hayden was an excellent guide for my teenage children. He was very patient and gave clear instructions and obviously was a very skilled climber. He seemed to genuinely enjoy their successes. They completed some amazing climbs!

    Ingrid Bush Avatar
    Ingrid Bush
    8/22/2018 - Facebook

    Matt (aka Sunshin) and Seth are the best!

    Jamie Blowers Avatar
    Jamie Blowers
    6/14/2019 - Google

    We had a fantastic experience doing the 4-hour climbing session. Our guide, Hayden, was super-awesome. He was a great instructor, both on and off the rock, and is a very engaging and interesting person. I highly recommend doing your climbing session through Estes Park Rock Climbing.

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