Ah yes, Lumpy Ridge is Nice!

Lumpy Ridge is a destination climbing area for many climbers.  Along with a great introduction to multi-pitch climbing, it also has many sought after goals.  Something for everyone.  There isn’t quite anything like getting to the top of the 600′ Batman Pinnacle (5.6), or the 500′ tall White Whale (5.7), or something more challenging such as the 600′ tall “The Sorcerer” (5.8+) on a warm afternoon and starring down at all of the Estes Valley and into the mountains!  What most people don’t realize is how accessible climbing like this is to anyone, even to those with very basic climbing experience.

This is why we love to climb rocks!  Getting to the top of a long route, seeing the surrounding areas from above, and getting away from the chaos that can be civilization is simply a breath-taking, satisfying and all-round wonderful day that everyone should experience.

These climbing days typically start around 7 A.M. and, depending on the climbing area, finish between noon and 4 P.M., and lunch is provided.  Depending on the route, expect a 1.5 to 3.5 mile hike each way.  This area is our favorite area, don’t miss out!  Call us with questions or to book a trip!